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LabTwin is the world’s first voice-powered digital lab assistant. Take notes, create order lists and set reminders or timers in real-time from anywhere in your lab just by talking to LabTwin.


Never Miss a Detail Again.

LabTwin records voice notes and automatically transcribes them right from your mobile, so you can keep your eyes and hands on your experiment.
At your Desk

All your Research Together.

LabTwin automatically syncs all lab notes, protocol updates, reminders, order lists and more between the mobile and web apps. Review, edit, search and export from one central place.

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Experience streamlined, hands-free lab documentation.

Why Choose LabTwin?

LabTwin makes it faster and easier to take notes and organize your lab documentation, resulting in more efficient and reproducible research.

Hands-Free Data Capture

Capture data, take notes, create order lists, set timers and reminders from anywhere in the lab just by talking to LabTwin.

On-the-go Data Access

Enjoy instant voice-activated access to recorded experiments, existing lab data and calendar. Let LabTwin guide you step-by-step through experimental protocols via voice or visual prompts.

Comprehensive Documentation

Create your own library of protocols, templates, materials, samples and lab equipment. Document and track every change with automatic time stamps, structured template formats, and flexible daily timeline flows.

Intuitive Research Workflows

Keep all your notes in one place, reproduce experiments easily, find sources of error and track an audit trail of your lab activity. With automatic sync between mobile and web apps, you will always have the latest version.

“With this platform I can take voice notes, upload photos of experiments in real time, set up several reminders throughout the day and even dictate what reagents I need in the shopping list, and have it all immediately added to my e-lab notebook.”

Ernesto Diaz-Flores, PhD
Assistant Professor

University of California San Francisco, USA

“I believe that LabTwin is a great tool for our scientists and will make our scientific life much easier.”

Laura Zelarayan-Behrend, PhD
Principal Investigator, University of Göttingen

University of Göttingen, Germany

Protect Your Data

We know how important it is to keep your data safe. Security and data protection is a fundamental part of our engineering process.

Data Security

Access tiering secures all data against unauthorized access.

Data Encryption

We use the TLS1.3 protocol to encrypt all data.

Private Networks

We use private networks shielded from the public internet.

Full Compliance

We ensure strict regulatory compliance through secure data storage, complete audit trails, electronic signatures, time stamps and more.