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LabTwin and ABI-LAB Offer Digital Lab Assistant to Life Science Startup Companies

Guru Singh
Guru Singh October 31, 2019

LabTwin has teamed up with ABI-LAB, a life science startup incubator and accelerator in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Through this partnership, ABI-LAB resident companies now have access to LabTwin’s voice and AI-powered digital lab assistant.

“We are always looking for technology tools to help our companies build out their advanced smart labs and accelerate their research,” said Gary Kaufman, COO of ABI-LAB. “With LabTwin, our scientists are already seeing the benefits of hands-free data management while they work.”

“Having access to a voice and AI-powered digital lab assistant is going to help us capture and track everything in the lab more efficiently,” said Dr. Raphael Nir, an ABI-LAB member. “Our scientists are often wearing gloves at the bench and need to pause experiments to take notes and then make sure that information gets sorted and verified correctly. Automating manual, tedious documentation and tasks through a digital lab assistant frees our scientists to spend more time on the experiments themselves and will hopefully accelerate our product development.”


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