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We provide introductions to LabTwin by our in-house scientists and lab automation experts. They will show you a live demo tailored to your needs.

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We recommend you watch a recorded introductory tour of LabTwin.

Hands-free data capture during the experiment - Home page

Enable Hands-Free Data Capture

Simply use "voice" to record observations and valuable scientific information in real-time on the site of experimentation.

Inputting data into the table - Lab of the Future

Organize Unstructured Data

Table feature automatically transcribes captured data into the table format, guided and in real-time.

Create a Report - Lab of the Future

Generate Reports and Share

Polish up notes, insert additional content such as images and export them as a document, or exchange data with an ELN or LIMS.

customer experience

Enhanced data capture and metadata


Increase in data quantity through facilitation of documentation at the bench and metadata enrichment.

Improvement of data accuracy


Improvement of data accuracy by reducing errors from postponed documentation.

70 percent paper reduction


Reduction of paper at the bench with hands-free digital data capture and access.

4.5-5 rated user experience provided by LabTwin


Rated user experience for providing a solution to data capture and access in the lab with a friendly user-centered interface.


  • Is LabTwin an ELN?

    While LabTwin could be used as an ELN-lite solution for real-time documentation, with many benefits over traditional ELN, our vision is much bigger. LabTwin has been built primarily to offer scientists an intuitive and easy way to interact with all their lab systems. There are many great ELN solutions out there that we can integrate alongside but we are not developing an ELN per se.

    Read our white paper: Why an ELN needs a helping hand...or voice? 

  • Can LabTwin support other languages?

    Yes. The core of the LabTwin system operates currently in English and is now also able to understand German. Other languages can be developed on demand.

  • How does LabTwin understand scientific jargon?

    Our Natural Language Processing model has been trained to understand scientific words and can be further trained onto SOPs specific to your organization. Moreover, LabTwin users can add specific names into LabTwin glossary. Finally, LabTwin will learn from the user corrections and further improve its accuracy to a specific vocabulary.

  • We are interested in LabTwin solution, how do we get started?

    Schedule a 1:1 consultation with one of our Lab informatics experts who will help tailor the right approach for your company.