Integrate Voice Into Your Lab

LabTwin’s voice-first digital lab assistant makes it faster and easier to capture data, access information, organize lab documentation, and make real-time data-driven decisions, resulting in more efficient and reproducible research. LabTwin is an integral tool for the smart Lab of the Future. 
  • > Hands-free documentation
  • > Software Integration
  • > Instrument Control
  • > Audit Trail

LabTwin has a simple, intuitive interface, moving with researchers as they work.

It takes care of mundane tasks such as setting timers and reminders or managing stock levels. Our assistant is a complete, secure data management system, allowing managers to monitor lab output, and making it simple and easy for researchers to create and share reports.



Access information, document research findings, create order lists and set timers or reminders without interrupting experiments.



Simplify documentation, reduce distractions and lower error rates at the bench.



Ensure complete compliance and traceability in data capture, storage and transfer.

72% of users reported that LabTwin’s digital lab assistant improves the quality and speed of their documentation and makes positive impacts on their research productivity and reproducibility.

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