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MARCH 17, 2020

To support our growing LabTwin community, we have developed lots of new resources and tools including an upcoming webinar, community program and white papers on the Lab of the Future.



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The Opportunities and Challenges of Voice Assistants in Pharma R&D

LabTwin, in collaboration with XTalks, is hosting a webinar on the opportunities and challenges of voice assistants in Pharma R&D on March 20, 2020 at 1 pm EDT. In this roundtable-style webinar, you will learn about:
>   How voice assistants are currently used in R&D labs
>   Key challenges of adopting voice assistants
>   Opportunities for integrating voice assistants into pharma R&D labs
>   How voice assistants can bring you closer to the Lab of the Future

Register for the webinar here.




Each year we will choose and invite rotating cohorts of 29 diverse and talented scientists to join our community program, Twenty Nine.

As a ‘Twenty Niner’, you will receive several benefits including free access to LabTwin and the chance to test new features; support for conferences, workshops and trainings; invitations to networking and educational events; and, introductions to industry contacts. You will also have the chance to share your ideas on the features we should develop for LabTwin.

If you are interested, apply here to become an ambassador.



There are now hundreds of ongoing or planned clinical trials to test drugs and vaccines in Covid-19 patients. Approaches include mRNA and DNA vaccines, new antivirals and antibodies, and repurposing drugs developed for HIV, Ebola, malaria, rheumatoid arthritis and other diseases. 

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White Papers

Blog Cover - Whitepaper Integrate Voice Into Your Lab Informatics - The Lab of the Future


Integrate Voice into Your Lab Informatics Strategy

Research scientists spend 50-80% of their time at the bench with no easy way to record data or access information. New voice-powered informatics tools solve this problem by connecting scientists with information at the point of experimentation.

Download this white paper to learn how you can integrate voice into your lab informatics strategy.


Whitepaper User-Centered Design to Drive the R&D Lab of the Future - The Lab of the Future


User-Centered Design in the Smart Lab of the Future

The key to creating a highly functioning, truly integrated laboratory is to put scientists at the lead of the product design process. This concept, called “user-centred design”, involves companies working with scientists from the very beginning of product design.

Download this white paper to learn how user-centered design will power the Lab of the Future.



Team Talk

Webinar-Lab of the Future - Top Lab Informatics Trends - Augmented Reality -The Lab of the Future


Top Lab Informatics Trends: Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) is moving out of the realms of gaming and into the workplace. Unlike virtual reality, AR tools do not disconnect people from the real world, instead they ‘augment’ it by adding extra information. Click here to learn how AR will become a go-to technology for researchers and potentially transform research capabilities.


Would you like to see how LabTwin can provide seamless, hands-free lab data management, helping you reduce manual data entry and lower error rates?

Click here to speak to a LabTwin team member or organize a live demo.