LabTwin for Cell Culture

Optimize cell culture work at the hood, streamline cell count, schedule medium replacement times, access protocols, and track drug candidates, all hands-free, to speed up your discovery process.

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How to record findings without taking off your gloves?

In sterile cell culture conditions, it is difficult to capture important experimental information about protocol deviations, compound position, precipitation, concentrations, and batch numbers without contaminating cultures.

A-Ha moment:

Philip, a LabTwin power user, realized he could capture all his cell culture results, access his protocols, and schedule timers for important experimental steps by merely talking to LabTwin’s voice-activated digital lab assistant.


Hands-free documentation

> Capture a broad range of information during your cell culture experiment, so nothing is missed or forgotten 

> Avoid contamination by using voice-recognition technology instead of traditional manual documentation

> Set voice-activated timers, so every step is completed accurately and on time
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Key takeaways:

  • > Monitor experimental conditions and data generation in real-time  
  • > See a holistic view of each Cell Culture project’s status
  • > Speed up discovery by eliminating hurdles such as contamination, double documentation and human errors in a sterile environment

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