LabTwin for COVID-19 Molecular Testing

Adopt the new digitized protocols for Covid-19 testing, recover pure and intact RNA from your samples, quantify the viral load, streamline sampling, and deliver results to flatten the curve! 


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Can digitized voice-activated protocols help you adapt to new experiments?

Current molecular methods to detect Covid-19 involve the extraction, purification, and amplification of viral RNA in biological samples. Although Reverse-Transcriptase qPCR methods are highly sensitive and accurate, tackling eukaryotic contamination and preventing RNA degradation depend mainly on researchers’ handling techniques and skills.

A-Ha moment:

A voice-activated digital lab assistant can help researchers quickly adapt to new protocols and routines, preventing sample degradation and contamination.

voice-activated protocols

Voice-activated protocols

> Embrace step-by-step guided protocols and quickly adapt to new laboratory work 

> Reduce RNA degradation and contamination by eliminating human error when adopting new SOPs 

> Streamline sample processing and enhance data integrity by creating strong serial dilutions, and reliable positive, negative and blank controls


Key takeaways:

  • > Digitize your new protocols and start tracking your research from the beginning 
  • > Optimize the onboarding of technicians and scientists
  • > Reduce the risk of contamination and analysis time
  • > Focus on research strategy instead of troubleshooting SOPs

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