LabTwin for R&D reports with sensitive GLP and GMP data

Gathering scientific information with different formats from several platforms to create one single solid report together with your voice notes.

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Is your research information spread through several platforms with different regulations and rigid formats?

Researchers often generate and store their information in several locations, with different formats due to regulations (such as GLP and GMP), specific nomenclature and rigid structure. These results in time loss given the normalization of formatting, importing and exporting issues, as well as human and digital mistakes when putting all the data together.

A-Ha moment:

Scientific data should be linked, holistic and accurate. For this, researchers often rely on editing software, programs linked to analysis equipment and lab book notes. The new web-app editor is versatile enough to accept tables from spreadsheet programs, rich-format text forms from word processors as well as images and transcribed voice notes with scientific notation.

Data in one place

All Data in One Place

> LabTwin supports you in bringing together and shaping your GLP and GMP research results in order to turn them into a solid scientific document to share with other experts


Key takeaway:

  • > LabTwin's new editor is a reliable and versatile tool to create insightful documents and remain GLP and GMP compliant

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