LabTwin for Sample Preparation

Use a digital lab assistant to record every step of your sample preparation, ensure all measurements are trackable and secure, determine the right technique for every analyte and champion GxP from the very beginning.

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How to prepare samples for analysis in a compliant and efficient way?

Accurate sample preparation is the cornerstone of high-quality assay results. Documentation of this process can be laborious and time consuming, often involving manual record-taking using official forms, hence delaying the actual analysis process.

A-Ha moment:

Qualified personnel working on sample preparation can now use voice to create original, accurate records as the work is performed. This will eliminate paper printouts and manual data entry during crucial steps when preparing samples.


Hands-free documentation

> Voice capture will identify users and generate automated time and date stamps

> Metadata and measurements from analytical equipment can now be saved with voice notes to create complete, accurate, contemporaneous records

> Records are created and accessible at the preparation and measurement sites, allowing real-time, data-driven decisions


Key takeaways:

  • > Eliminating manual data entry reduces human error
  • > Techniques used to treat samples prior to analysis can now be qualified, quantified, evaluated and measured
  • > Contemporaneous and legible data from preparation steps such as weighing, diluting, and filtering will be now digital and completely trackable
  • > Qualified personnel can now focus on analyte properties and not on documenting extraction techniques

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