LabTwin for Training and Upskilling New Employees on Scientific Practices

Leverage a digital lab assistant to efficiently train a new colleague by creating on-the-go interactive protocols enriched with images and extra instructions.

Senior staff trains new employees

LabTwin Snapshots

New employee keeps up with the senior scientist

Lab staff are already overloaded with work and deadlines that need to be put on hold to train the newcomers

Training new employees and upskilling colleagues on the techniques and protocols used in the lab is an essential but time-consuming part of a scientist’s job. Experienced staff are often in charge of teaching good laboratory practices, workflows and protocols to new colleagues. This results in delivery delays and rushed learning paths which can cost a company significant time and money. 

A-Ha moment:

Sabrina realized that she could record and pre-load information and pictures describing each step with LabTwin's digital lab assistant. Then, while alone at the bench, a new employee could ask LabTwin to repeat this information as often as needed to help them work through the protocol. Moreover, users can query Safety Data Sheets or reagent locations at any time.


On-the-go Interactive Protocols

> LabTwin works as an interactive training guide that makes the training of new employees more standardized, reproducible and personalized.

> The digital lab assistant provides infinite access to the learning material for new employees, as well as the ability to query the organization’s databases.

> Scientists can easily create, update, annotate and share protocols and SOPs with new employees and experienced colleagues.

Digital lab assistant guides scientists through the protocol

Key takeaways:

  • > Trainers can develop interactive learning material that can be reused by many new employees, saving them time and offering flexibility to the trainees.
  • > With LabTwin, trainers can enrich voice-powered protocols by providing detailed information about lab equipment and protocol steps, including images and recorded conversations with a trainee.
  • > New employees, trainers and managers can use LabTwin to record, review and optimize training sessions.
  • > Learning material is already digitalized and integrates easily with other digitalized methodologies in the laboratory.

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