Head of Sales

John Egerton

John is responsible for the leadership of our Sales and Growth departments, shaping the LabTwin business and engaging with clients worldwide.

John is a computer scientist with over a decade of commercial leadership experience within the laboratory informatics industry, holding leadership positions at Abbott Informatics, Thermo Fisher and Brooks Life Sciences, where he has successfully helped some of the world’s largest organizations to streamline laboratory workflows, accelerate outcomes and ensure compliance. At LabTwin, John brings a wealth of experience in drug development, manufacturing, forensics, consumer products and clinical sciences.

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What drives John

What is the best part of being at LabTwin? 


After working in heavy corporate environments for most of my career, I love the agility of working at a company such as LabTwin. Not only does it mean we can serve our clients better, but it also means we can offer many exciting opportunities for professional growth within our teams. I also love that everyone I work with is at the very top of their game.

How do you balance being Head of Sales with being a family man?

It takes discipline and I must admit that it’s something I’m always trying to get better at. I rely a lot on my calendar and to-do lists to keep me operating effectively. There are essentially two parts of my life that require their own individual amounts of prioritisation and time management in order to keep things healthy. The most important part for me is to work on being present when it comes to family time and to work on actually relaxing in my downtime. A commercial role can quickly consume all of your thoughts, all of the time, and I’ve come to learn that that’s not always a good thing. At work, I like to ask myself, “Will what I’m working on right now have the greatest impact?“. Interestingly enough, I ask myself the exact same question when I’m playing with my kids, reading to them or deciding on the best way of communicating with them. It helps keep things in perspective.