The Digital Lab Assistant for Innovative Enterprises

LabTwin is a smart, voice and AI-powered assistant for every scientist. Enterprises using LabTwin report enhanced experiment reproducibility, improved auditability, and significant time savings.

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LabTwin lives in the scientist's pocket, connecting them with their data – wherever they are working.

Scientists spend up to 80% of their time at the bench with no easy way to record data or access information.

LabTwin bridges the gap by connecting scientists with lab instruments, IT systems, and external databases. See LabTwin in action.


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Hands-free documentation-Lab of the Future

Hands-Free Documentation

Capture data at the point of experimentation simply by talking to LabTwin.

Software integration-Lab of the Future

Software Integration

Access data from lab informatics software and external databases by voice commands.

Instrument control-Lab of the Future

Instrument Control

Use voice to activate, control, and monitor lab instruments from anywhere.

Audit trail-Lab of the Future

Audit Trail

Improve traceability of data capture, storage and transfer.

Scientists benefit from a digital lab assistant irrespective of the nature of the workflow.

Companies using LabTwin solve documentation, accuracy, and reproducibility challenges in their labs – while saving time.

LabTwin is a great partner for digital innovation projects where lab digitalization and digital lab transformation are key.

Find out more through our snapshots and case studies.

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Do you need inspiration? We can guide you through our most common solutions.

Use LabTwin straight out of the box. No additional hardware is needed.

Install and use-Lab of the Future

Install the app or login on the web

Simply download LabTwin onto your smartphone or tablet (iOS and Android), sign up and start enjoying all voice-activated features.
Create your experiment-Lab of the Future

Create your first experiment

Start capturing data while performing experiments. Set voice-activated timers and reminders. Create interactive protocols, reports and order lists simply by speaking.

Onboarding by our success team-Lab of the Future

Get onboarded by our customer success team

Our informatics specialists are on hand to support your success. We will teach you about our best practices.

Customize - Lab of the Future

Customize LabTwin to your specific needs

Co-develop custom features and further train LabTwin on your lab-specific and enterprise-specific vocabulary.

Secure Your Data

Security, privacy and data integrity are fundamental to our engineering process. LabTwin follows the secure-by-design and zero-trust principles, encrypts all network connections and is certified according to the ISO 27001 and ISO 27017 information security standards.


LabTwin provides integrated real-time data management.

Our digital lab assistant includes connectivity with internal (e.g. ELN, LIMS, MES) and external data sources (e.g. PubMed, Protocol libraries).

Digital Lab Assistant Increase efficiency
Digital Lab Assistant to Enhance reproducibility
Improve Auditability-Lab of the Future
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Assure GxP Standards

Do you want to partner with us to develop state-of-the-art GxP functionality? Apply here.

Read here how to streamline your 21 CFR Part 11 compliance with LabTwin.



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Ensure Data Integrity-Lab of the Future
Improve Protocol Adherence-Lab of the Future
Digital Lab Assistant to Streamline Audits

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