LabTwin, the world’s first voice and AI-powered digital lab assistant, allows organizations to effortlessly connect data and information streams, streamline workflows and maximize research efficiency.

With LabTwin, researchers enjoy voice-activated data access and capture at the point of experimentation, allowing real-time data-driven decisions. Our digital assistant minimizes distractions, lowers error rates and improves productivity.

Benefits of Lab Digitization with Voice Technology:

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Improve research efficiency by allowing scientists to access information, document their findings, create order lists and set timers or reminders while they work. 

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Increase productivity by connecting scientists and managers to any number of data streams, permitting instant data-driven decisions.

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Enhance reproducibility by simplifying documentation, reducing distractions and lowering error rates. 

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Achieve complete compliance with secure end-to-end data management.

Key Features of LabTwin’s Digital Lab Assistant:

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Real-time, hands-free data capture at the point of experimentation

Enterprise Page - Voice

Voice-activated control of lab instruments

Enterprise page - Integrate Data

Integrate data from lab informatics software and external databases

Enterprise page - Data Access

Enjoy instant access to individual, team-level and enterprise-wide data 

Enterprise page - Compliance

Ensure complete compliance and traceability in data capture, storage and transfer


Harness voice-recognition and machine learning
technologies to support your next-generation lab
informatics.The Lab of the Future is here. 

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