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LabTwin provides hands-free, intuitive data flow so organizations can streamline workflows, lower error rates and maximize research efficiency.

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With LabTwin’s digital lab assistant, researchers enjoy voice-activated data access and capture at the point of experimentation.

This means researchers and managers can make real-time data-driven decisions. LabTwin walks researchers step-by-step through protocols, activates lab instruments and records results in real-time, thus minimizing distractions, lowering error rates and improving productivity.


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72% of users report that LabTwin’s digital lab assistant improves the quality and speed of their documentation and makes positive impacts on their research productivity and reproducibility.

LabTwin has a simple, intuitive interface, moving with researchers as they work.

Our digital lab assistant is a complete, secure data management system, allowing managers to monitor lab output, and allowing researchers to quickly and easily create and share reports. LabTwin also takes care of mundane tasks such as setting timers and reminders or managing stock levels.


Improve GLP, GMP and GDP compliance.

With LabTwin’s digital lab assistant, scientists and analysts can collect accurate, legible, original, contemporaneous data from anywhere in the lab. LabTwin includes user identification, automatic timestamps, and electronic signatures, so all data is attributable.

LabTwin provides integrated, real-time data management.

Our digital lab assistant offers a full suite of modules to connect internal and external data sources.

  • Hands-free Documentation

    Hands-Free Documentation

    Capture data at the point of experimentation simply by talking to LabTwin.

  • Software Integration

    Software Integration

    Use voice to access integrated data from lab informatics software and external databases.

  • Instrument Control

    Instrument Control

    Leverage voice-activated control of lab instruments.

  • Audit Trial

    Audit Trail

    Ensure complete compliance and traceability in data capture, storage and transfer.

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Scientists spend up to 80% of their time at the bench with no easy way to record their findings. Most current lab informatics tools are entirely disconnected from the tasks that scientist perform at the point of experimentation. LabTwin connects scientists with data, wherever they are working.

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Improve Productivity

LabTwin’s digital lab assistant integrates seamlessly with existing lab informatics to empower real-time data-driven decisions throughout the R&D process.

We are waiting to support your next-generation lab  informatics. The Lab of the Future is now.