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    Real-time data capture
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    User-friendly process guidance
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    Seamless data exchange
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    Automated data processing

How LabTwin works

You do the science.
We capture the data.

Collect and access data at the bench with LabTwin’s powerful automations and data capturing tools.

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Compatible with iOS

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Compatible with Android

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Real-time data capture

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    Voice recognition

    Capture data in free notes or in tables by voice without interrupting your experiment. Our Natural Language Processing model is trained to recognize scientific terms and formats.

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    Pictures and data extraction

    Collect more data through pictures added in their context, or extract content with Optical Character Recognition.

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    Barcode scanning

    Register instruments and devices, or retrieve sample, consumable and reagent information, by simply scanning them with the phone during your experiment

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Guidance and data structuring

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    Protocol guidance

    Load a voice-friendly lab procedure from the protocol library and follow the verbal and visual instructions of the lab procedure step by step.

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    Data prompting

    Add prompts in your protocol to capture required data at the key moments of your workflow.

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    Timers & reminders

    Easily set multiple timers and reminders to optimise your waiting times, whether to time your centrifuge run or to remind you to change your cell cultures medium next week.


Seamless data exchange

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    Lab informatics integration (ELN, LIMS...)

    Push your data in your Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) in real time or at the end of the day, or capture data in your Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) templates. LabTwin can integrate with any lab informatics systems through its API.

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    Database queries

    Ask our voice assistant about a reagent location, expiration date or its safety guidelines without moving an inch.

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    Increase lab automation by connecting balances and other lab instruments to get data, update statuses or set parameters.

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AI-powered data processing

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    Metadata enrichment

    Augment your data with automatically captured timestamps and user IDs.

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    Real-time validation

    Ensure your data integrity with real-time sanity checks of collected data.

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    Automatic data labelling and sorting

    LabTwin automatically labels and categorizes your data, then generates structured reports according to your templates.

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    AI microservices

    LabTwin's AI Lab is developing cutting-edge smart processes accessible through our API to enhance LabTwin's features. 

Automatic & Accurate

Real time data capture

  • Hands-free data capture

    Stop worrying about formatting or design. Our application-builder lets.

  • Images & videos

    Narrow down your applications and let the most passionate show off with pre-screening.

  • Tables

    Narrow down your applications and let the most passionate show off with pre-screening.

  • Metadata

    Narrow down your applications and let the most passionate show off with pre-screening.

More data, fewer errors

Experiment with precision.


of captured data is digitized directly at the bench compared to the usual 15% (based on a comparative study made by one of our clients).


more data on average was captured when using LabTwin at one of our clients' sites.


of errors were eliminated by capturing data in real time during a pilot at a Top Pharma company.


Built for your needs, designed for the lab.

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    Voice notes
  • Tables
  • Pictures & OCR
    Pictures & OCR
  • Barcode scanning
    Barcode scanning
  • Access protocol library
    Protocol library
  • Guidance
    Protocol guidance
  • Reminders
    Timers & reminders
  • Update protocols
    Reports & automatic report generation
  • Auto-labelling
  • Open API access
    API access
  • Flashfill-AI
    FlashFill (prototype)
  • Protocol converter-AI
    Protocol converter (prototype)
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“I truly enjoy using LabTwin and use it a lot. I see it as a high value for everyone.”

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Data security

Your security, our priority.

LabTwin has achieved ISO/IEC 27001:2017 and ISO/IEC 27017:2015 certifications.‍

These certifications recognize LabTwin’s compliance with international gold standards for information security.

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