LabTwin for High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) in GMP Laboratories

Go beyond ensuring sample purity by increasing specificity, precision and accuracy of recorded data, remaining GMP-compliant and reaching your market faster without delays.  


LabTwin Snapshots


What if you could increase efficiency and efficacy in analytical HPLC labs?

Metadata in high quality analyses performed by top of the line equipment is often overlooked and not reported. When a LabTwin user, a top 10 pharma scientist, performed HPLC and other complex measurements, he found himself making many quick decisions on the spot to keep the process running. However, he did not always have time to annotate all the metadata and data that led to each decision which disrupted traceability. Therefore, these valuable data and decision-making processes became almost impossible to track later on, which lead to unnecessary OOs (out of specifications) investigations and costly delays.

A-Ha moment:

The user wanted an easy way to record, analyze and track all the metadata, data and decisions made before and during HPLC measurements. He needed a documentation method that didn’t require him to stop and write down information during the process at his workstation. He chose to use LabTwin’s voice-activated digital lab assistant to record all the intricate details of each measurement preparations, such as cleaning and calibration, by voice. LabTwin automatically transcribes these notes and adds them to lab documentation such as reports.


Increase Data Integrity

> Document HPLC conditions that are essential for research reproducibility but not included in the machine reports

> Track and identify faulty batches which may be contaminated

> Enrich GMP with before and after measurement information

> Track data, metadata and decisions not included in protocols or reports

> Attain best regulatory practices such as GMP and pharmacopeias

> Identify problems with HPLC instrument qualification


Key takeaways:

  • > Record data, metadata and decision making in real time simply by talking
  • > Add critical digital information to your HPLC results with tables and guided input
  • > Invest time and energy on what matters: validation results, performance parameters, Quality by Design and Analytical Target Profile
  • > Continue to work while capturing data, hands-free, at the point of measurement
  • > Reduce human error and make the sample journey trackable before and after the HPLC process

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