Recorded webinar

Digital Transformation of R&D Labs: How to predict the impact of innovative technologies on business goals

Our panel discussion will shed light on important questions:

  • What are the best strategies to test new technologies in R&D labs?
  • What are the current business goals for R&D labs?
  • How to measure and compute ROI for innovative technologies?
  • What belongs to a rewarding business case?

Our panel:

Terryl Kibodeaux, Director, R&D Business Relationship Management, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Julia Pence, Portfolio Manager, R&D Digital Transformation Office, GSK Vaccines

Simon Cook, Research Scientist, Dow (USA)

Viral Vyas, Lead IT Business Partner, Bristol Myers Squibb

Dr. Célia Gasselin, Marketing Communication Manager, LabTwin

Intro_Web_Comp_Digital Transformation of R&D Labs_ How to predict the impact of innovative technolog