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Scientists spend up to 80% of their time at the bench, being away from their desks, with no easy way to record data or access information. LabTwin bridges the gap by connecting scientists with lab instruments, IT systems, and external databases.

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What is LabTwin for?

LabTwin is the world’s first voice- and AI-powered digital lab assistant built to assist scientists in the lab in capturing and accessing data directly at the bench. Our goal is to bring scientists closer to the lab systems they use every day by enabling a seamless interaction through voice.

Can LabTwin understand non-native English accent?

Yes. The base of our language algorithm is a Natural Language Processing layer which gives LabTwin the flexibility necessary to understand different accents. In the LabTwin team, we have at least 22 different nationalities and everyone is testing the app with their accent to ensure the highest accuracy.

What is LabTwin advantage over other voice assistants (Alexa, Siri, ….) ?

Compared to traditional voice assistants, LabTwin is trained to understand scientific terms. Moreover, the LabTwin app is built to support scientific workflows and provides the dedicated framework to capture and structure lab data as well as connect to lab hardware and software.

Is LabTwin an ELN?

While LabTwin could be used as an ELN-lite solution for real-time documentation, with many benefits over traditional ELN, our vision is much bigger. LabTwin has been built primarily to offer scientists an intuitive and easy way to interact with all their lab systems. There are many great ELN solutions out there that we can integrate alongside but we are not developing an ELN per se.

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