Maximize Data Collection While Saving Scientists’ Time with Our Digital Lab Assistant

Capture data with voice

1. Capture Data in Real Time

  • Voice recognition
  • IoT integration
  • ELN integration
Access data hands-free

2. Enable Hands-Free Data Access

  • Voice-powered queries
  • Audiovisual SOP guidance
  • Inventory/LIMS integration
Automatic data structure

3. Automatize Data Structuring

  • Guided capture templates
  • Data labeling
  • Automatic reports
Improved compliance

4. Improve Compliance

  • Validation and reviewing
  • Audit trail
  • ISO certified

Connect Bench Scientists to Your Digital Ecosystem

As a mobile companion connected to your lab informatics ecosystem, LabTwin’s voice-powered mobile interface reduces data silos and allows real-time hands-free data access, and capture, at the bench. In the back end, data captured with LabTwin is automatically processed and structured to facilitate downstream data integration.

How LabTwin works - Infographic


Use Cases for Voice-Powered Workflows

From the need to capture data while wearing gloves or remain focused on a difficult experiment to the convenience of using a user-friendly mobile companion to seamlessly characterize processes, many use cases benefit from voice-powered workflows:

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Sample Preparation

Make the workflow seamless with connected devices, voice-powered templates and step-by-step protocols. See LabTwin in action.

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Method Development

Capture any deviations and query databases from the bench, in real time.

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In vivo Study

Focus on animal handling while benefiting from automatic data exchange and a complete audit trail.

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Training and Upskilling

Training and Upskilling Accelerate training with audiovisual SOP guidance, voice-powered queries and simplified review processes.

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Lab Automation

Facilitate the implementation of new robots and automated equipment width real-time documentation of processes.

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GMP and QC Testing

Comply width ALCOA+ principles by implementing hand-free, contemporaneous, accurate data capture, enriched with contextual metadata.

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Sterile and Clean Environment

Prevent contamination risk with har free documentation and protocol guidance in all lab environments.

Common Problems We Solve

Delay in documentation

Delay in Documentation

From minutes to weeks, this results in low data quality, increased human errors and a loss of critical information.

Reduced data accessibility

Reduced Data Accessibility

Scientists often need to interrupt their bench work and travel back to the office to cross-check information, resulting in lower efficiency and higher contamination risks.

Manual data processing

Manual Data Processing

Manually processing and retranscribing documentation at the end of the day is very time-consuming and is a source of human error.

Low traceability

Low Traceability

Paper-based information and data silos create a challenge for traceability and negatively impact data integrity.

Bring Your Lab Digitalization to the Next Level

Whether you aim to become paperless, want to increase adoption of your ELN, or augment your interconnected ecosystem, LabTwin offers personalized digitalization solutions.

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Data structure
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