Where human and data requirements     converge

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    Become 100% digital

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    Save time

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    Get better data

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    Ensure digital adoption

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    Attract and keep talent

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Our solution

Capture and digitize data in real time. 

Become 100% Digital

Connect and collect, hands-free.

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    Real-time digitization

    LabTwin offers a mobile and flexible solution that combines the convenience of paper with the efficiency of digital technology. You can effortlessly capture and store data in real time, ensuring accuracy and efficiency throughout your scientific workflows.

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    Seamless integration

    Connect your lab informatics systems with LabTwin and benefits from a lab- and user-friendly voice interface which makes your data exchange become a breeze. Experience the ease and efficiency of an integrated scientific environment that enhances your workflow and saves you time and effort.

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Save time
Save Time

Improve your workflows, automate your processes.

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    No more interruptions

    With LabTwin's hands-free and mobile solution, eliminate interruptions and time-consuming data entry tasks. Stay focused on science and maximize your productivity, as digital and connected capabilities streamline your data capture process.

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    Automated data processing

    Log in your data and let LabTwin handle the rest. Our integrated AI automatically structures, labels, and categorizes your data, providing easy access in organized reports or integrated back into your ELN-LIMS templates. Simplify your data management process and experience the efficiency of automated workflows with LabTwin.

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Ensure digital adoption

Get the data, effortlessly. 

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    Happy scientists

    LabTwin is designed with scientists in mind, offering a user-friendly interface that aligns with their workflows. By automating mundane tasks and providing valuable assistance, LabTwin enables scientists to simply focus on their research.

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    One convenient interface

    Seamlessly integrated with your lab informatics systems, LabTwin can handle all your queries and data capture in the lab, reducing the complexity of multiple tools.

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95% word accuracy
4.4/5 user experience rating
Increase data
Get better data

More data,
less errors.

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    Richer data collection

    By lowering the threshold for documentation, our solution has been proven to generate a richer and more comprehensive data collection. This enhanced documentation contributes to greater experiment reproducibility, saving valuable time and costs in the future.

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    Enhanced data integrity

    With real-time data capture capabilities, documentation becomes effortless and immediate, eliminating the need for delayed entries and reducing the risk of human errors during data recall. By capturing data in the moment, LabTwin ensures increased data integrity, fostering reproducibility. 

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Attract and keep talent

Innovative minds mean innovative tech.

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    State-of-the-art voice technology

    Keep your scientists engaged and motivated by offering them access to state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing and AI capabilities to assist them with their mundane tasks.

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    Personal companion for standard procedures

    Embrace the trend of personalization by providing scientists with a personalized companion on their smartphones or tablets. LabTwin allows customization of interaction methods, enabling scientists to generate standardized outputs while enjoying a tailored experience.

Corporate young scientists

“We realized that even if we have an ELN, scientists don’t stop to enter their data. LabTwin solves that for us with hands-free digital documentation.”  

Marija, Scientist,
Center of Analytical Innovation, dsm-firmenich 

Designed for demanding lab environments

See how LabTwin brings a 5x ROI.

Curated list of resources

Read about the experience of your peers.

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Case Study

Improving Lab Efficiency: How dsm-firmenich Leveraged LabTwin's Digital Lab Assistant

dsm-firmenich achieved 100% real-time digitization of lab data and resulted in a 16% increase in data capture.

dsm- firmenich

Empowering dsm-firmenich scientists with voice-powered digital lab assistants to improve R&D efficiency

​​DSM, a global science-based company delivering sustainable innovations in Life Sciences has rolled out LabTwin globally in several laboratories to speed up their innovation cycle.

Revvity Signals partnership-Lab of the Future

LabTwin & Revvity signals Partner for Real-Time Data Capture.

Learn more about our partnership and watch the video of the integration.

Save time and improve data

See LabTwin in action .

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