LabTwin for In Vivo Experiments

Shorten the duration of preclinical studies by timestamping all in vivo measurements and steps, define the dose and concentrations of compounds to reach validation earlier, move into clinical trials faster and launch commercialization.

LabTwin Snapshot-In vivo

LabTwin Snapshots


How do you take notes while performing surgery?

In vivo experiments during preclinical development require extensive documentation such as the real-time effects of drug dosing or monitoring the time of certain surgical procedures. A LabTwin user found she was constantly needing to interrupt surgical procedures to note down key data such as ECG traces, anesthetic administration or biopsy sampling.

A-Ha moment:

The scientist realized she needed a method of recording results without using her hands so she could continue her surgical procedures uninterrupted. She started using LabTwin’s voice-activated digital lab assistant to document all experimental conditions in real-time and hands free. Now she has a digitized chronology of events and complete data capture without interrupting her experiments.


Time-stamp all the measurements and steps

> Time-stamped procedures and findings for every experiment

> Fewer distractions and interruptions during surgery

> Pre- and post-surgical animal data can be stored and traced in one place

> Fully digitized timeline with data sheets to enable troubleshooting post-experiment


Key takeaways:

  • > Reduce the time between candidate selection and clinical trials by optimizing your preclinical development processes
  • > Secure the acquisition of relevant clinical data in regard to feasibility, testing and safety
  • > Provide all your stakeholders with consistent, cohesive information about every detail in your trials
  • > Get the best out of your investment in animal models by reducing interruptions and eliminating redundant and analog duties performed by your personnel

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