LabTwin for Quality Control (QC) Inspectors

Note changes on-the-go, attempt repairs, save measurement deviations and streamline your QC in every test on the production line! 


LabTwin Snapshots

QC-Glove-Lab of the Future

Can you easily track deviations in real-time and make on-the-go decisions when testing products?

QC protocols ensure industry standards, and inspectors often make important last minute and on-the-fly observations during testing. Tracking such deviations is challenging when using pen and paper or LIMS tools, as inspectors must stop work to record results.

A-Ha moment:

Inspectors realized that the best way to document unexpected product quality measurements is by recording real-time voice notes (hands-free!) during testing. A voice-powered digital lab assistant allows inspectors to keep working and simultaneously record results from anywhere in the testing site.


Taking notes on-the-go

> LabTwin’s voice-powered digital lab assistant allows inspectors to take notes on-the-go, at the testing site, and label all annotations so they can easily track instrumentation devices and product batches

> Inspectors can flag and annotate individual testing protocols in different workstations

> Determining the best way to scale repairs in product lines has never been so easy for inspectors
QC-Napkin-Lab of the Future

Key takeaways:

  • > LabTwin’s voice-powered digital lab assistant makes deviations in measurements immediately noticeable to inspectors
  • > Inspectors can always access and track digital voice notes taken at the point of measurement to ensure consistency and integrity
  • > Inspectors can quickly and easily track and compare measurements to reduce product inspection failure rate

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