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Cell Culture

Cell Culture​

Preserve sterile conditions and keep the workflow uninterrupted using hands-free data capture and access while handling cell cultures under the hood.

  • > Hands-free table filling
  • > Automatic dilution calculations
  • > SOPs verbal guidance
In Vivo

In Vivo​ Study

Document faster animal monitoring, calculate dosage automatically and keep track of events during hectic surgeries. Then share it with the team.

  • > Assisted dose calculations
  • > LIMS connection
  • > Shared report
Sample Preparation

Sample Preparation​

Follow SOPs, collect every parameter in a digital structured table without interruption, get the audit trail for GxP-compliant documentation and conform with each ALCOA+ principles​.

  • > Scan & Record
  • > Guided structured input
  • > Systematic audit trail

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Cell Culture

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In vivo Study

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Sample Preparation

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