Built for the most demanding lab settings

The only solution for digital access when your hands are full, the most efficient in any other case.

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    Increase accuracy

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    Work hands-free

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    Ensure compliance

Demanding Lab Settings-Lab of the Future

Lab situations

Science is hard. Capturing data
shouldn't be.

Whether working with gloves under the hood or needing to be guided in your lab process at the bench, recording or accessing data is a real challenge and the best opportunity for a voice-controlled AI lab assistant. 

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  • Sterile environment

    Work in a sterile environment

    Prevent contamination risk and interruptions with hands-free documentation and protocol guidance

    Lab Situation-Sterile Environment
  • Work in the dark

    Work in the dark

    No need to compromise your work by switching some light on, use your voice only. 

    Lab Situation-Dark Room
  • Update protocols

    Update protocols while running them

    Writing down each parameter tested and the results, recording precious epiphanies, using new reagents: refining a protocol needs assistance. 

    Lab Situation-Update Protocols While Running Them
  • Regulated environment

    Work in the regulated environment

    Checking every step, waiting for review, validating calculations: what if the heavy manual documentation could be seamless and automatized? 

    Lab Situation-Regulated Environment
  • Guidance

    Be guided in a non-routine process

    Listen, watch, query, confirm, repeat. 

    Lab Situation-Be Guided in a Non-Routine Practices
  • Maintenance

    Take care of maintenance tasks

    Follow the standard procedure, set reminders, automatically report a summary. 

    Lab Situation-Maintenance Tasks

Easy to use, hard to do without.

Across industries, our clients experience an increase in data quality, substantial time saving and high digital adoption. 

Increase data


increase in quality of the data captured by scientists when using LabTwin

Save time


per FTE/week saved by scientists  from 6 pharma companies by using LabTwin

User rating


LabTwin's rating for the ease-of-use by Covestro chemists.


When your hands are full, paper doesn't cut it.


Lab situations that represent a challenge for digital access can be found in multiple scientific departments and lab workflows. 

Use-Case-Cell Culture

Cell culture

Prevent contamination with hands-free documentation, capture cell counts in voice-powered tables, add pictures with their context. 

Use-Case-Method Development

Method development

Capture any deviations or ideas and query databases from the bench, in real time. 

Use-Case-Lab Automation

Lab Automation

Facilitate the implementation of new robots and automated equipment with real-time documentation process. 



Describe your findings, in the dark, label and categorize without effort. 

Use-Case-Training and Upskilling

Training and upskilling

Accelerate training with audiovisual SOP guidance, voice-powered queries, and simplified review process. 

Use-Case-Animal Testing

Animal testing

Focus on animal handling while benefiting from hands-free data exchange and a complete automatic audit trail. 

Use-Case-Device Maintenance

Maintenance operations

Walkthrough the lab, follow and record operations, and gain data insights. 

Use-Case-Sample Preparation

Sample preparation

Make the workflow seamless with connected devices, voice-powered templates, and step-by-step protocols.

Use-case-QC-GMP Testing-1

GMP Testing

Comply with ALCOA+ principles by implementing contemporaneous data capture, enriched with metadata, and automatize review processes. 

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Read our case study

Learn how scientists from a Top 20 Pharma save 1.5h per in vivo bioanalysis workflow 

Customer impact

We couldn’t say it better.


“LabTwin has greatly improved my experience in the lab by saving time, helping to increase the detail of my experimental notes, and more easily compile reports.”

Jennifer, Analytical Chemist,
Material Science industry


“Most of the problems I had were solved by LabTwin. I now have better track of my notes as the timing for this analysis is in the order of minutes, so I need to work very fast.”

Irene, NMR Technician,
Food & Beverage industry


“LabTwin has made my documentation more accurate and my experiments more reproducible.”

Arjan, Associate Principal Scientist, Pharmaceutical industry

a demo based on your specific needs

Let’s discuss your use-case.

We provide introductions to LabTwin by our in-house scientists and lab automation experts. They will show you a live demo tailored to your use-cases and discuss your needs.  

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