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LabTwin is the leading voice-activated digital assistant for lab scientists. Our technology empowers scientists to capture data hands-free using voice commands and digitalise their workflow.

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Since 2019, LabTwin is already used by some of the worlds' largest organizations, to instantly document at the bench without the need for paper notebooks, or retyping into their ELN. As a result, our clients realize an increase of 11.9% more data captured, containing less errors, and resulting in a higher reproducibility.

We now offer the exact same technology to organizations featuring less than 500 scientists, so that they can realize similar benefits.

Use-Case-Cell Culture

Cell culture

Use-Case-Method Development

Method development

Use-Case-Lab Automation

Lab Automation



Use-Case-Training and Upskilling

Training and upskilling

Use-Case-Animal Testing

Animal testing

Use-Case-Device Maintenance

Lab automation

Use-Case-Sample Preparation

Sample preparation

Use-case-QC-GMP Testing-1

QC/GMP Testing

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Bring real-time data capture to your lab and experience instant productivity boost. We are now able to deploy and onboard LabTwin to small-to-medium enterprises alongside our enterprise clients in just a few steps. Let's get started! 



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We are onboarding companies working within the following industries: Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Chemical, Crop Science, Food&Beverage, Personal Care (Cosmetics, Perfume) with R&D facilities.

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50-500 scientists

working in R&D labs

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to a minimum of 50 scientists


as documentation languages

By next year

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We couldn’t say it better.


Reclaimed each week by every scientist (average from 12 client companies)


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“LabTwin has greatly improved my experience in the lab by saving time, helping to increase the detail of my experimental notes, and more easily compile reports.”

Jennifer, Analytical Chemist,
Material Science industry


“Most of the problems I had were solved by LabTwin. I now have better track of my notes as the timing for this analysis is in the order of minutes, so I need to work very fast.”

Irene, NMR Technician,
Food & Beverage industry


“LabTwin has made my documentation more accurate and my experiments more reproducible.”

Arjan, Associate Principal Scientist, Pharmaceutical industry

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