Leveraging the latest AI advances

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    State-of-the-Art Speech-to-Text

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    Automatic Data Structuring

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    Voice-Powered Data Access

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    Experiment Design Assistance

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Augmenting scientists

Real-time AI support at the bench. 


Speech-to-text accuracy after training


“We are committed to integrate the state-of-the-art AI models into the product and deliver smart capabilities”

Sven Ballentin,
Team Lead Data Science

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State-of-the-art Speech-to-text

We get you 

and your science.

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    Accuracy is at the essence of our product. Our LabTwin NLP model undergoes daily training on a diverse range of scientific data, incorporating user-specific notes and audio. This rigorous training regimen ensures a human-level transcription accuracy, far surpassing generic voice assistants. We are committed to understanding the nuances of scientific language and delivering precision in every transcription.

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You speak,
we organize.

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    No more time spent in data processing and curating. Leveraging LLMs and advanced entity recognition, LabTwin can automatically sort the spoken data into tables or pre-defined templates. It labels data with precision, assigning relevant categories and effortlessly generates a structured report or updates corresponding ELN/LIMS sections.

Digitalization with green elements

Simply Ask,

We answer

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    Benefit from the powerful combination of voice-activated LLMs with integrated lab informatics systems and let LabTwin be your dedicated know-it-all lab mate, available around the clock. Instantly troubleshoot instruments, locate reagents, check safety requirements or a simple dilution.

Protocol converter-AI

Leverage the past,
generate the new.

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    Effortlessly convert your protocols into interactive voice flows with AI, or create new ones by leveraging existing procedures. Ask for an automatic scaling or the combination of different series of steps, based on suggestions from your previous work.


Built with intelligence

Let us show you what it can do.

Curated list of resources

Learn more about AI for scientists.

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AI Use Case Catalog White Paper

Dive deep into the future of Bio-Pharmaceutical Innovation with AI with our latest white paper, "AI Use Case Catalog." This comprehensive guide explore the transformative impact of artificial intelligence on operational results.

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How the AI Revolution is Empowering LabTwin: Data Capture and Beyond

Learn how AI isn't just a buzzword here and listen to Jeroen sharing real insights from our 5+ years in the field and how LabTwin is actively leveraging the latest AI advances to push further the boundaries of our digital lab assistant and provide game-changing scientific intelligence.


Real-time support to scientists in the lab by leveraging LLM’s

Large language models, also known as LLMs, are advanced machine learning algorithms capable of summarizing, predicting, translating, recognizing, and generating text or other forms of content.

Save time and improve data

See LabTwin in action .

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