LabTwin for COVID-19 Serology Surveillance

Perform accurate COVID-19 serology assays, get valuable insights about each infection, complement the clinical sample profile, and build up your case report!

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LabTwin Snapshots

Snapshot-Serology Surveillance-Wash

Can you keep track of incubation times, reagent names and temperature settings when your hands and eyes are busy?

Detection of IgM and IgG serum antibodies through serology assays is a powerful way to determine current or past infections. Nevertheless, dealing with workflow complexity and the number of steps involved in preparing and running the assays can lead to confusion, time consumption, and human error.

A-Ha moment:

Scientists cannot keep full track of every incubation and washing step when their hands and eyes are pre-occupied – a digital twin ensures every sensitive step is executed accordingly.

voice-activated protocols

Voice-activated protocols

> Let LabTwin read-out protocol tool guide you through every step
> Take advantage of voice-notes as a blueprint of actions
> Use the labels feature to track back substrates and conjugates
> Employ timers and reminders to determine exact incubation and washing times


Key takeaways:

  • > Shorten the path to find out if an infection is happening or has happened
  • > Avoid resampling and retesting your individuals and models because of human mistakes
  • > Report specificity, sensitivity, and potential cross contamination by simply vocalizing your findings

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