LabTwin for GLP (Good Laboratory Practices) in Molecular Biology

Create good science by ensuring the quality of your positive and negative controls, make the best out of your gold standards and build robust and reproducible molecular biology experiments and reports.

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How to track positive and negative controls in a GLP environment?

Positive and negative controls are the keystone for every experiment. Due to their high consumption and demand, controls need to be aliquoted, replaced, checked and documented on a regular basis, so they remain fully functional and serve as an accurate reference point for reading results and taking decisions. Often scientists have difficulty keeping track of positive and negative controls when running several complex experiments at the same time, each with many different variables.

A-Ha moment:

A top 10 pharma scientist, a LabTwin user, realized that he could easily keep track and record the use of all controls by using his voice and remain GLP-compliant. Now he uses LabTwin’s digital lab assistant to take real-time, hands-free voice notes about the identity, date, location, and any other GLP must, for every control while he performs experiments.

Hands-free data capture

Hands-Free Data Capture

> LabTwin voice notes and labels provide the identity, date and location of every positive or negative control in each experiment

> Scientists can monitor the performance and availability of all controls between experiments and set reminders to create new or discard old controls

> Researchers will easily keep track of all last-minute amendments to an experiment in a GLP-compliant way
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Key takeaways:

  • > Positive and negative controls are essential in discovery and preclinical research
  • > LabTwin can track and label positions, IDs and variables in experiments which simplifies troubleshooting and decision making
  • > Robust and transparent GLP-compliant experiments allow iteration and tracking for reproducibility
  • > LabTwin ambassadors use LabTwin to track their positive and negative controls and validate their findings

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