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Make changes on-the-go, note amendments, save protocol deviations and streamline your SOPs in every experiment and lab!

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Can you track all last-minute changes such as protocol deviations while doing experiments?

Although protocols are state of the art guidelines, scientists often make last minute and on-the-fly important decisions while conducting experiments. Tracking such deviations is challenging when using pen and paper or ELN tools.

A-Ha moment:

Scientists realized that the best way to document small and unexpected changes in protocols is by recording voice notes (hands-free!) during their experiments.

On-the-go Data Access

On-the-go Data Access

> LabTwin allows scientists to take notes on the go, at the site of experimentation, and label all annotations so they can easily track protocol amendments.

> Scientist can flag and annotate individual protocols in different experiments

> Researchers can group and track changes using labels on LabTwin’s mobile and web app
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Key takeaways:

  • > LabTwin features make deviations in protocols immediately noticeable to scientists
  • > Scientists can always access and track digital voice notes taken at the point of experimentation
  • > Researchers can quickly and easily track and compare experimental conditions

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