Head of Research & Design

Elie Majorel

Elie is an experienced product design professional with a passion for simplifying complex concepts and crafting delightful user experiences. With a solid background in Graphic Design and an impressive 15-year career in various tech-driven industries, he brings a well-rounded perspective to his work. Elie is a pioneer in blending AI and voice technology to drive innovation in drug development. He places a strong emphasis on teamwork and strategic leadership, which has led to strong relationships with renowned global companies. Elie's expertise spans user research, product development, and team leadership, reflecting his dedication to turning creative visions into reality. As a collaborator, he inspires others to push boundaries and achieve impactful results. 
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What drives Elie

What is the best part of being at LabTwin? 

As the Head of Research & Design at LabTwin, I am thrilled to be part of this cutting-edge team that never ceases to inspire and amaze me. After working in sectors like video-sharing platforms, advertising technology & analytics, e-commerce, online gaming, and many more, I strongly desired to impact the world significantly. This drive led me to LabTwin, where I found the perfect opportunity to apply my skills more meaningfully. 

Being from France, what made you stick to Berlin? 

Originally hailing from France, I chose to make Berlin my home to discover a new culture with my family and engage in this dynamic tech hub. Berlin's exceptional mix of history, culture, and innovative mindset provides the ideal setting for advancing my UX design career while offering a rejuvenating experience for my family and me.