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LabTwin is used by scientists in 3 of the Top 20 Pharma companies, as well as Chemical, Food and Beverage and FMCG companies around the world.

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R&D Digitization Manager

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One-step digitization

Hands-free data in our ELN

dsm-firmenich is a global science company, innovators in health, nutrition and beauty. Their commitment to innovation and progress has led to significant advancements in their laboratory digitalization.

Key Achievements:

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    Faster Data Availability

    Reducing the delay to upload data into their ELN from weeks to mere hours, dsm-firmenich now enables faster decision-making.

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    Increased Productivity

    By digitizing at the source, dsm-firmenich gets back on average 56min per week per scientist, allowing their team to dedicate this extra time to science.

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    Enhanced Data Capture

    Leveraging LabTwin digital lab assistant, dsm-firmenich is capturing 16% more data, enhancing their ability to make more data-informed decisions and drive innovation.


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Productivity and data quality

More data without interruptions

Envalior is a pioneering chemical company. As a leading force in the industry, Envalior is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation in chemical science.

Key Achievements:

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    Increased Productivity

    Envalior has substantially increased productivity by minimizing documentation time, enabling their team to allocate more time to core R&D activities.

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    Enhanced Data Quality:

    With LabTwin's advanced data capture and management techniques, Envalior has elevated data quality standards within their laboratories, enabling more precise analysis and decision-making.

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    Improved Lab Safety and Data Security

    Envalior has prioritized lab safety and data security by eliminating paper-based processes and allowing scientists to fully focus on conducting their experiments safely.


    >> Watch the interview from their R&D Digitization Manager


Hands-free data in our ELN

Clorox is a renowned Consumer Goods company recognized for its commitment to excellence and innovation and continually strives to enhance efficiency and safety in its operations.

Key Achievements:

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    Increased Efficiency

    Clorox has achieved significant efficiency gains by reducing the number of interruptions for documentation in their laboratory workflows. Streamlined data capture allowed scientists to be more productive, more focused and get results faster.

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    Enhanced Lab Safety

    Through the elimination of computer touches in their lab environments, Clorox has made substantial improvements in mitigating contamination risks, ensuring a safer working environment for their employees.

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    Higher data integrity:

    Clorox's emphasis on ease of data capture with LabTwin user-friendly digital tool has resulted in a reduction of errors in documentation, enabling more reliable analysis and decision-making.


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“We are very happy with LabTwin and are looking forward to bringing it a step further.”  

Erwin Houben, R&D Digitization Manager at Envalior during the Lab of the Future Congress 2023 in Amsterdam. 


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Microbiological Testing in GMP-Environments

By allowing real-time, hands-free documentation, LabTwin’s voice-activated digital lab assistant provides an exclusive solution for documenting under cGMP regulations. LabTwin enables automatic and complete digitization of GMP forms, which is a considerable asset in the FAIRification process.

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Case Study

How a Swiss Chemical
Company Streamlined Data Collection and Processing with LabTwin

With LabTwin, chemists can now follow procedures step-by-step through audio guidance, report operational changes or instrument value by voice, and set timers hands-free.
dsm- firmenich

Empowering dsm-firmenich scientists with voice-powered digital lab assistants to improve R&D efficiency

​​DSM, a global science-based company delivering sustainable innovations in Life Sciences has rolled out LabTwin globally in several laboratories to speed up their innovation cycle.

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