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Dominique Ingato, Tenure-Track Instructor, MiraCosta College

Pablo-David Rojas
Pablo-David Rojas April 14, 2020

Dominique completed a PhD in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering at the University of California, Irvine. She is now teaches courses on experimental design, bioprocessing, and biostatistics at MiraCosta College, San Diego. We sat down with Dominique to learn about how she uses LabTwin’s voice-activated digital lab assistant to help with her teaching.

Why did you decide to start using LabTwin’s digital lab assistant? 

I decided to try LabTwin as a tool for my biomanufacturing class. In this class, documentation is crucial, and we previously used physical copies of all of our SOPs and BPRs (Batch Manufacturing Records) and lab notebooks. However, the industry is moving towards online documentation, and I wanted to provide my students with the opportunity to experience a tool that offered the most advanced and user-centered technology in this field.

Was LabTwin’s voice-powered digital lab assistant easy to set up? Is the app easy to use? 

LabTwin was very easy to set up and use! I was surprised by how easily the app was able to detect my voice and record my verbal notes.

What do you like most about LabTwin?  

The timer and notes functions are excellent. Since I am always doing multiple things at once in the lab, I also need these reminders to stay on track.

What features would you like us to add to LabTwin? 

Making all of the features available for Android users would be very helpful. It would also be nice to be able to share protocols with others. (Note from the author: LabTwin is currently implementing all its features for Android mobile devices and launching a collaboration tool).

What benefits has LabTwin’s voice-powered digital lab assistant provided for your teaching? 

LabTwin has provided my students with a whole new set of documentation, tracking and reproducibility tools to use while completing their research projects.

What kind of work would you say this digital assistant is suited for? 

The digital assistant is well suited for work in biosafety cabinets. During cell culture, aseptic conditions and timed steps are crucial so the voice control functions of LabTwin are particularly helpful.  

What are your thoughts on LabTwin's impact on research efficiency and reproducibility? 

I expect that LabTwin will make research groups much more efficient and encourage researchers to take more scientifically relevant notes (since it is so easy to dictate them). I can imagine this leading to better reproducibility.

In your opinion, how will a voice-powered product like LabTwin contribute to the Lab of the Future? 

It would be great to see the industry move towards more voice-powered tools like LabTwin. I can imagine this would not only increase productivity and reproducibility, but also make lab work more accessible to those with specific disabilities.



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