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Improving Lab Efficiency: the Success Story of dsm-firmenich

In today's fast-paced scientific industry, digitization and automation of laboratories have become crucial for achieving cost-effective innovation. dsm-firmenich, a multinational company specializing in health, nutrition, and beauty, recognized the need to accelerate experimentation and capture...

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Lab Trends 2023: Sustainability, User-Centered Design, Interoperability

So far, 2023 is shaping up to be the year of sustainability in terms of life science trend, with labs mindful of reducing their costs and minimizing their impact on the environment. Both of these goals can be achieved through laboratory digitalization, which streamlines operations management,...

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Drive digital adoption with user-friendly lab informatics interface

Successful lab digitalization requires adoption of lab informatics systems The story of recent years is the story of the increasing importance – and the increasing quantity – of data in almost every area of business and life. 

In pharma, the adoption of digital and cloud technologies is proving...

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Envisioning the Lab of the Future: How AI Can Support Scientists

My PhD research focused on identifying the impact of industrial chemicals on the developing embryo. Given the toxic nature of these chemicals, all lab work was carried out under strict GxP conditions, including the use of PPE and sterile technique. This led to an inevitable bottleneck –...

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Covid-19: Searching for a Cure

The novel coronavirus, Covid-19, has rapidly spread around the world, overwhelming healthcare systems, shutting down countries and causing widespread grocery shortages. Understandably, this has led to fear and misinformation about the Covid-19 virus and potential treatment options.

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Ernesto Diaz-Flores is an Assistant Adjunct Professor at UCSF

Ernesto Diaz-Flores is an Assistant Adjunct Professor at UCSF where he studies novel therapeutic targets for high-risk subtypes of childhood leukemia. I sat down with him to find out what he loves about being a scientist and hear his tips for early career researchers who want to become faculty.

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