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Lab of the Future: Introducing Voice-Activated Tables

By Pablo-David Rojas
Jun 16, 2020

LabTwin's mission is to empower scientists and help you build the Lab of the Future. We do this, in part, by enabling you to capture and access information at the point of experimentation. Our new feature, Voice-Activated Table, makes this even easier.

With this new feature, you can record data, in real time, from anywhere in the lab, and sort them into table format by simply vocalizing your research findings. 



LabTwin’s Voice-Activated Table can help you:

  • Count microbial colonies (link with Snapshot)
  • Analyze culture well plates (link with Snapshot)
  • Record PCR data
  • Monitor experimental conditions
  • Capture in vivo and in vitro data 
  • And much more…

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