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Maryna Korshevniuk, Scientist, Max Delbrück Center for Molecular

Pablo-David Rojas
Pablo-David Rojas September 29, 2020

Maryna is a scientists at the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine where she performs research on single-cell transcriptomics analysis and human brain organoids. We sat down with Maryna to hear how LabTwin helps her focus on innovative biomedical experiments and cutting-edge data science.

Which digital tools do you currently use in your work?

While working at the bench in the wet-lab I use basic software tools for making calculations, Mendeley for literature reviews, and computational biology tools for data analysis.

How do you currently manage your data?

At the institution where I do my research I use cloud storage for managing files and paper notebooks to track experiments.

What do you think research labs will look like in 5 years time?

It would be nice to have a tool to help me automate routine-tasks and master time optimization during my research. Likewise, it would be beneficial to get software with better user interface when it comes to data management.

Why did you decide to join LabTwin’s ambassador program, Twenty Nine?

I liked the concept of a voice-powered digital lab assistant to empower scientists with their research at the point of experimentation. On those grounds, I decided to join the Twenty Nine and support LabTwin in co-creating this tool for the lab of the future.


What workflows and use cases would you like LabTwin to support?

Culture work, including eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells, as well as diverse microscopy-related applications.

What benefits could LabTwin’s digital lab assistant provide researchers in your team or your organization?

LabTwin could provide us with safety, which is one of the main scientific research pillars in the institution where I work. In addition, time saving would also be beneficial given the current time constrains and the pace of science in research centers. Lastly, comfort, in regard to eliminating the worries about logistics and allowing scientist to focus on content.

What are your thoughts on LabTwin's impact on research reproducibility and quality control?

I believe that LabTwin will have very impactful results when it comes to automating repetitive and routine tasks, which are time consuming and prone to human error.


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