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The Lab of the Future: Cloud Technologies in Pharmaceutical R&D

Guru Singh
Guru Singh May 27, 2020

Pharmaceutical companies are constantly grappling with huge datasets. Technologies are rapidly advancing, allowing researchers to collect vast amounts of preclinical and clinical data during product development. The problem now lies in how to best manage that data to unlock its true value. In the Lab of the Future, cloud technologies could provide an ideal solution.

Cloud technologies can streamline R&D by breaking down data silos, reducing data processing times and lowering storage costs. Cloud technologies are scalable, agile and flexible, thus allowing pharmaceutical companies to manage change. This is very important for multi-national organizations with many projects at various stages of development. When projects end, data can still remain available for future repurposing, unlike when using legacy software. Furthermore, by leveraging the cloud, companies can easily scale up and scale back as needed.
Cloud technologies also makes it easy to automate data collection and move data between locations, for example from hospital or clinic collection points to research labs. By using the cloud, companies can easily integrate data, and repurpose this information to support discovery, clinical research and sales and marketing. Pharmaceutical companies can also use cloud tech to make better use of growing data sets, such as patient data from wearable devices.
Regulatory compliance is a major concern for pharmaceutical companies. Many cloud technologies are fully compliant with HIPAA, HITECH and GDPR regulations, and thus can help pharma companies achieve their regulatory goals.  
To learn more about the benefits of cloud technology in the pharmaceutical R&D setting, including best practices and industry case studies, unlock this webinar.

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