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ELN integration

Hands-free data in your ELN

Collecting data by voice is very convenient at the bench but should not create another data silo. Through the seamless integration of LabTwin with your ELN, you can automatically upload your captured data with its structure into the appropriate section of your ELN. This accelerates collaboration and speeds up the experiment cycle.

We integrate with the top-tier ELNs of the industry, starting with Revvity Signals Notebook.

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Access to your LIMS without a computer

Your LIMS serves as the repository for all samples or biological entities used in daily experiments. However, accessing and updating information stored in the LIMS typically involves accessing a computer, logging in, and navigating through its interface.

But what if it didn't? What if all it took was a simple "Hey LabTwin" and accessing the content from the mobile in your pocket?

By integrating with your LIMS, LabTwin makes the exchange of information between scientists and their LIMS seamless.

Laboratory Execution System

Voice execution of your LES worksheets

If you have implemented a Laboratory Execution System (LES), you are certainly looking into optimizing workflows by guiding scientists step-by-step through standard procedures while collecting necessary data at specific intervals.

But what if you could enjoy these advantages without the constant interruption of clicking through the LES interface during experiments?

By seamlessly integrating with your LES, LabTwin automatically opens the worksheet on mobile devices, verbally guides scientists through each step, and prompts for data collection at designated points. All collected data is then promptly pushed back to your LES at the end of the experiment.


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Your inventory at your (voice) command

Accessing information about reagent storage locations and quantities is essential for scientists conducting experiments. Typically, this involves searching through inventory platforms at the desk and hoping to remember the details once in the lab, or consulting the lab manager for assistance.

However, integrating the lab inventory into your digital lab assistant ensures uninterrupted access to this crucial information. It's like having a knowledgeable lab manager available 24/7, allowing scientists to seamlessly pursue their experiments without interruption. Who wouldn't appreciate such efficiency?

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Data access
INTEGRATION with data sources

A central hub for data access

Traditionally, scientists have spent valuable time navigating various platforms and data sources to gather necessary information. This often involves using a computer, logging into multiple systems, and having a certain level of usability knowledge for each platform.

With LabTwin, accessing and leveraging data from multiple sources becomes efficient and seamless, right from the laboratory environment. LabTwin empowers scientists to make informed decisions based on readily available data. Whether it's accessing chemical compound data from PubChem, or querying internal data repositories, LabTwin serves as a centralized hub for data access. Through its open API, LabTwin effortlessly connects to internal or external data sources, supporting the research process and enhancing productivity

Integration with Data Sources - Etienne

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ELN White Paper
White Papers 

Why ELNs need a helping hand... or voice!

In this white paper, you will learn how ELNs can benefit from a voice assistant. With ELNs, scientists must stop work to enter data or look up information. Voice-activated digital lab assistants bridge this gap, making ELNs and lab instruments instantly accessible from anywhere in the lab.

Improving Lab Efficiency: How dsm-firmenich Leveraged LabTwin's Digital Lab Assistant
Case Study

Improving Lab Efficiency: How dsm-firmenich Leveraged LabTwin

Operating over 20 Science & Research labs worldwide, dsm-firmenich faced manual documentation processes, potential errors, and time-consuming workflows. LabTwin emerged as the ideal solution for real-time documentation and integration with their Revvity Signals Notebook.
LabTwin Revvity Partnership

LabTwin & Revvity Signals Partner for Real-Time Data Capture

We are excited to announce our partnership with Revvity Signals, which begins with integrating our voice-powered digital lab assistant with their Signals™ Notebook, a leading cloud native Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) used in the pharmaceutical industry.

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