Case Study: Swiss chemical firm leveraging digital voice assistance

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How a Swiss Chemical Company Streamlined Data Collection and Processing with LabTwin’s Voice-Powered Digital Lab Assistant

  • LabTwin enabled hands-free data capture and automated data processing for two main use-cases loading and optimizing reactors for catalysis and monitoring maintenance operations and daily lab monitoring.
  • With LabTwin, chemists can now follow procedures step-by-step through audio guidance, report operational changes or instrument value by voice, and set timers hands-free.
  • At the end of the day, they can log maintenance operations and chemical levels simply by telling LabTwin.
  • The data captured by LabTwin was automatically structured into comprehensive reports for further analysis and troubleshooting
    The company's chemists have each saved 30 minutes a day, and any errors or deviations in experiments are automatically identified and labeled, speeding up the process of data analysis and report generation.
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