Chief Product Officer

Jeroen de Haas

Jeroen is a Bachelor of Science, software engineering, with over almost 2 decades of experience within the laboratory informatics industry, holding several positions at Applied Biosystems, LabVantage and Revvity signals where he has successfully helped some of the world’s largest organizations to implement LIMS, LES and ELNs to streamline their laboratory workflows, accelerate outcomes and ensure compliance. At LabTwin, Jeroen brings a wealth of in-depth knowledge about software solutions build for the regulatory environments. Jeroen is responsible for building the product vision of LabTwin.

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What drives Jeroen

What is the best part of being at LabTwin?  


Being in the industry for almost two decades, LabTwin stands out as the first software solution that effectively tackles the informatics problem at the bench level. Many organizations talk about transitioning their customers to paperless workflows, but with LabTwin, we can genuinely achieve this without compromising the scientific work itself. Real-time voice documentation not only ensures error-free working but also simplifies the process of capturing additional data that might otherwise go unrecorded. 

What inspires you to keep moving forward in life?   

As a young boy, I started road cycling and competed at a decent level. During that phase of life, cycling consumed my thoughts and served as my daily motivation. Training seven days a week became the dominant factor dictating my schedule. As I grew older, a pivotal decision arose: choosing between pursuing a career or continuing with cycling. Though not an easy choice, I opted to step away from competitive cycling, but the passion never waned. Now, as an adult, I still find joy in cycling, but with a different purpose. In recent years, I have actively participated in numerous fundraisers, particularly those focused on supporting cancer research. I use cycling as a means to raise funds, pushing my own limits to help those who can no longer do so themselves. The motto of one of these fundraisers, "Quitting is not an option," has become my own. Whenever life presents challenges, this phrase fuels my determination. It reminds me of the unwavering resolve shown by those who never gave up and gave everything they had.