Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Magdalena Paluch

Magdalena is a user experience designer and entrepreneur with over 17 years experience in building new technologies. In her previous role as Director at Boston Consulting Group Digital Ventures, Magdalena built-up and led corporate-backed startups and innovation initiatives in Europe and the U.S., primarily focused on the healthcare space. She was also an Advanced Product Strategist at Toyota, where she identified and implemented emerging technologies in mobility and robotics. Magdalena brings her user-centric design approach, strategic thinking and business insights to LabTwin where she leads a multi-disciplinary team of experts.

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What drives Magdalena

What is the best part of being at LabTwin? 

Purpose, People, Technology. At the heart of why we do what we do is our unwavering commitment to accelerating and advancing science to make a positive impact on the health and lives of people worldwide. What truly sets this experience apart is the extraordinary network of like-minded experts who make up our team. We are a tapestry of diverse talents and backgrounds, united by a shared passion for our mission. Embracing emerging technologies is not just a trend for us; it is at the very core of what we do. We pioneer and continuously explore new technologies and apply them to improve our product and execute on our mission.

Did the company develop its culture based on specific values? If so, what factors influenced the selection of those values? 

It was a team effort. Initially, it was just a few of us, and we had a strong culture. As we started to grow, we tried to capture what made us special with our shared values, nurture them and foster a positive and empowering environment for collaboration. It has evolved as more diverse individuals joined, further enriching our culture and values.