Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Steffen Gloth

Steffen is a highly skilled mechatronics engineer with over a decade of experience in the biotechnology and highly regulated pharmaceutical industry. He founded LabTwin GmbH in 2018 and currently serves as the COO, leading all business operations, including IT security. Steffen is a strategic and pragmatic thinker with a proven track record of analyzing complex situations and making effective decisions that drive organizational success. With his expertise and leadership, LabTwin GmbH continues to thrive as a leading company in the field.

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What drives Steffen

What is the best part of being at LabTwin?


The most rewarding aspect of being part of LabTwin is the strong sense of purpose, and the opportunity to engage with cutting-edge technology that can genuinely revolutionize the field of life sciences. Our work at LabTwin is not only user-centric, but also promises to make a significant impact, setting it apart from traditional lab informatics solutions. 

Running a company is intense, how do you stay healthy?

From my perspective, I find endurance sports like running to be one of life's most genuine pursuits. It isn’t influenced by one's wealth, where you come from, family background, or success in other areas. Instead, it solely revolves around the effort you invest, which directly correlates to the results you achieve. There are no quick fixes or miraculous shortcuts involved; it's a pure reflection of the work you put in. 

Moreover, by embracing this perspective and dedicating time to it every day, regardless of other life events, I personally experience the immense benefits of staying healthy both physically and mentally. Running and other endurance sports become not just a form of exercise but also a source of overall well-being and balance in my life.