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Célia joined LabTwin after several years of experience in international research and science communication. After pursuing a PhD in Neurosciences at the French National Institute for Health and Medical Research (INSERM), Célia joined the highly innovative Swiss institution EPFL as a neuroscientist where she performed state-of-the-art in vivo experiments. Here, she was engaged in the full digital transformation of her laboratory with the development and integration of LIMS-ELN and connected devices in her daily routine. It is with deep passion for empowering science efficiency that she joined LabTwin team in their journey to implement the Lab of the Future.

Case Study: Covestro Implements LabTwin to Improve R&D Efficiency and Data Quality

Covestro, a world leading manufacturer of high-tech polymers, serves a range of industries, including electrical and electronics, automotive, construction and health. To remain at the forefront of premium polymer supply, Covestro is implementing a digital innovation program across core areas....

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Connecting Scientists to Their Semi-Automated R&D Laboratory

Many pharmaceutical R&D labs are embracing automation to increase throughput while lowering error rates. Automation takes care of mundane, repetitive tasks, allowing scientists more time to work on the challenging and rewarding parts of research – such as planning experiments, analyzing data and...

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7 Steps To Building a Successful Mobile Strategy in the Lab

Digital transformation promises to lower R&D costs, improve productivity and accelerate product development. Mobile technologies have helped digitalize a number of industries and are now being adopted in R&D labs within the life science and materials science sectors.

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Why ELNs Need a Helping Hand... or Voice?

The Future of ELNs

Electronic lab notebooks (ELNs) have been at the forefront of pharmaceutical digitalization. This technology promised to replace paper notebooks with a digital system that was easy, flexible and secure. However, many labs adopted ELNs only to find that they were static and...

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LabTwin for In Vivo Surgery at a Top 10 Pharma Company

A Senior Research Scientist in the In Vivo Cardiac Regeneration group at a Top Pharma Company recently used LabTwin and shared her experience.  She collaborates with other teams to study heart regeneration following myocardial infarction in mice and pigs. More specifically, she performs complex...

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Collect Real-Time Data During Cell-Based Assays

Recent progresses in AI-powered drug discovery bring a considerable number of potential drug candidates to the primary assay stage. However, only 10% will go through to clinical trials. It is therefore essential to quickly and accurately screen drug candidates, discard toxic or ineffective...

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Digital Transformation: How LabTwin Revolutionizes Documentation of Microbiological Testing in cGMP Environments

Everyone expects medicines to be safe and effective. Therefore, regulatory authorities require that drug manufacturing processes follow current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP). Microbiological testing commonly occurs at several stages of drug development to ensure that products are not...

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Digital Transformation: How LabTwin accelerates Method Development for Protein Expression

Bringing a new drug on the market is a long and expensive process. Biopharmaceutical companies spend around $1 billion in R&D per therapeutic product and the recent pandemics have highlighted the necessity of accelerating the deployment of new targeted drugs.

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