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Improving Lab Efficiency: the Success Story of dsm-firmenich

Célia Gasselin
Célia Gasselin June 16, 2023

In today's fast-paced scientific industry, digitization and automation of laboratories have become crucial for achieving cost-effective innovation. dsm-firmenich, a multinational company specializing in health, nutrition, and beauty, recognized the need to accelerate experimentation and capture more data at the bench. To address these challenges, dsm-firmenich turned to LabTwin's pioneering voice-recognition solution. This case study explores the successful implementation of LabTwin in dsm-firmenich's labs and the positive outcomes achieved.

The Challenge:

dsm-firmenich operates over 20 Science & Research labs worldwide, generating large volumes of data daily. Despite previous efforts to implement lab informatics, scientists still relied on manual processes for documentation at the bench, leading to potential errors and time-consuming workflows. dsm-firmenich aimed to improve data quality, efficiency, and digital capabilities to accelerate innovation cycles.

The Solution:

Willi Gottstein, a Senior Scientist at dsm-firmenich's Center for Digital Innovation, spearheaded the initiative to overcome these challenges. Recognizing the opportunity for hands-free capability, Willi identified LabTwin as the ideal solution for enabling real-time documentation and integration with their existing Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) system, Revvity Signals. By partnering with LabTwin, dsm-firmenich aimed to save time, increase efficiency, generate comprehensive documentation and enhance reproducibility. 

dsm-firmenich-After LabTwin

The Pilot:

After a successful Proof of Concept, dsm-firmenich conducted a pilot involving 50 users from various departments globally. LabTwin was seamlessly integrated with dsm-firmenich's systems, including the Signals ELN and the establishment of a shared laboratory protocol library. Thorough testing and effective communication ensured a smooth implementation process. Key indicators such as time savings and documentation quality were measured throughout the pilot, providing valuable insights into process improvements.

Results and Impact:

The implementation of LabTwin at dsm-firmenich led to significant improvements in efficiency and data quality. Previously, only 15% of notes were digitalized at the bench by being directly captured in Signals Notebook, while the rest relied on paper, memory, or were undocumented. LabTwin's hands-free data capture enabled the digitization of 100% of data in real time, eliminating paper usage. This resulted in a 16% increase in data capture and a 60% increase in data quality. Scientists reported saving an average of 56 minutes per week during the pilot, while the increased details in reports improved the reproducibility of experiments.

“I don’t have to walk back and forth to my desk anymore to look up important information the customer shared with me, and I don’t have to remember all my observations which otherwise could get lost because reporting is done a week or two after the imaging. This tool works and I love it.”
Jennifer, Analytical Chemist, dsm-firmenich

Global Deployment:

Satisfied by the results, dsm-firmenich scaled up the deployment of LabTwin licenses to multiple departments in five countries. dsm-firmenich plans to expand LabTwin's use to all R&D labs and explore further integration with their proprietary system for inventory management and knowledgebase access.

Use-Cases and User Feedback:

LabTwin proved to be versatile, supporting various use-cases such as routine lab protocols, method development, documentation of fermentation and cell culture, training facilitation, imaging observations, and sample preparation. Scientists praised LabTwin for its user-friendly interface and the ease of capturing data compared to previous processes, resulting in higher-quality documentation.

Future Outlook:

With LabTwin's continuous development and dsm-firmenich's commitment to innovation, the Lab of the Future is rapidly becoming a reality. dsm-firmenich envisions LabTwin as the primary note capture system and a valuable source of information in the lab, driving efficiency and enhancing scientific operations.

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