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Covestro Implements LabTwin to Improve R&D Efficiency and Data Quality

Célia Gasselin
Célia Gasselin April 26, 2021

Covestro, a world leading manufacturer of high-tech polymers, serves a range of industries, including electrical and electronics, automotive, construction and health. To remain at the forefront of premium polymer supply, Covestro is implementing a digital innovation program across core areas. The company’s goal is to leverage digital tools to shorten product development timelines through sustainable R&D processes.


“LabTwin increases our data quantity and quality, reduces the risk of contamination and transfers the data automatically to our digital repositories.”

Lennart, Project Manager, Digital Lab, Covestro.


Covestro chose LabTwin’s voice-activated digital lab assistant to simultaneously improve the quality of data collected at the bench and increase R&D efficiency. LabTwin allows researchers to collect data and access information, in real-time, at the point of experimentation, without using their hands. The digital lab assistant can also talk scientists through protocols and automatically collect data from connected instruments, such as balances. Covestro scientists used LabTwin’s digital assistant to streamline polymer recipe formulation and collect essential data during foam characterization. With LabTwin, Covestro scientists could record more data and metadata while developing polymer recipes and during time sensitives steps like foaming.

“One of the best things about LabTwin is saving a significant amount of time we spend on documentation. LabTwin automatically transcribes our notes and results, and additional information or ideas are now much more likely to be saved.”

LabTwin User at Covestro


Covestro scientists reported saving time thanks to LabTwin automatically digitizing data from voice notes. The digital lab assistant also helped lower manual data entry errors and avoid contamination by reducing the need to go back to the office during an experiment.

After experiencing efficiency gains with LabTwin, Covestro is now implementing our digital lab assistant in other lab units.

Learn more about how LabTwin is helping Covestro build their Lab of the Future in this case study with illustrated workflows: How Covestro’s Successful Digitalization Strategy saves time and improves data quality.


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