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Sukanija Thillainadarasan (Suki)

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Sukanija is a trained Life Scientist with degrees in Biotechnology and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Prior to joining LabTwin she interned at the Max Plank Institute for Infection Biology, Fraunhofer IZI, SCRM in Edinburgh and other research labs bringing her expertise into the company. In her role as content specialist she transcription into business she build the internal transcription team and consults next to improving the transcription experience for the user. By joining LabTwin she enjoys the journey of seeing the product & team evolve and contributing actively in shaping it. Being there from almost the start she enjoys writing about topics close to the company, team and other topics.

Streamline Your 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance with LabTwin

With the digital transformation of research laboratories, more pharmaceutical companies are choosing to use electronic records instead of paper-based documentation. The 21 CFR Part 11 regulations, issued by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), outline how pharma companies must set up and...

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The Startup Story, Reloaded

Sometimes all it takes is a whim and a few bright minds for an idea to become reality. That is, after all, the popular myth behind the startup industry. Our story, on the other hand, isn’t your traditional startup fairytale. There were no high-octane college grads running from door to door with a...

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PhD or no PhD?

When I finished my master’s degree, I asked myself what felt like a million-dollar question: PhD or no PhD? I like to compare the process of making big decisions to the show "Deal or No Deal." Do you play the safe route and apply for jobs and PhD programs and hope that, after most likely receiving...

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Dilemma – “What do you do at work?”

Scientists: you know the struggle is real. How do you explain to a lay person just what you do? It’s hard. You’re often met with that blank stare when you start to talk about DNA and RNA. Just jogging someone’s memory of their eighth-grade biology class takes up 80 percent of the conversation.

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