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Harsh Kanwar, Laboratory Manager at Children’s Hospital

Guru Singh
Guru Singh March 1, 2019

Harsh Kanwar is a Laboratory Manager and Research Technician at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. His primary areas of research include endocrine diseases that affect bone and mineral metabolism. We caught up with Harsh to find out how LabTwin works alongside him in the lab.

Why did you decide to start using LabTwin?

I was looking for an easier way to take/modify notes while working on experiments in the lab. Before I started using LabTwin, I managed my experiments with a paper notebook and printed out protocols. I would later add information to protocols on my computer.  It was difficult keep track of everything. I was excited when I heard about LabTwin because taking notes by talking to my phone seemed like a better option.

Was LabTwin easy to set up? Is the app easy to use?

Yes, it was very easy to setup and use. I can take it with me anywhere in the lab. LabTwin records my notes and then sends them to my computer so I have everything in one place.

What do you like most about LabTwin? 

It's very intuitive and the voice recognition system is the best I have ever come across. I have trouble using voice activated apps sometimes because of my Indian accent. I haven't experienced that problem with LabTwin.

Has LabTwin made your workflow easier?

This tool has definitely changed my life. I am more confident while doing my experiments, my notes are pristine, and I am able keep track of every little change without having to stop my work and write it down. I am able to plan my experiments better and use timers and reminders to make work easier which helps me to be more productive and produce better results.

What benefits has LabTwin provided for your research?

1) Made it easier to keep track of changes/modifications that I make on the fly to lab experiment protocols.

2) Improved my efficiency as I am able to complete all the small tasks, I do around the lab which I could have otherwise forgotten.

3) Helps me plan my day better and keep track of lab inventory.

4) The multiple timers features helps me with my time-sensitive experiments.

5) The reminders features is super helpful as I know the app will notify me incase I forget.

6) The fact that I don't have to stop working to make changes to my protocols is unbelievable.

7) Just using my voice to use the app and not even touching my phone is amazing as I don't have to stop working, take off my gloves, wash my hands and then use the app.

What kind of work would you say this app is suited for?

Any and all kinds of lab work especially cell culture, time sensitive experiments, when using dangerous or hazardous chemicals for your experiments and if you are trying to modify a protocol.

What are your thoughts on LabTwin's impact on research efficiency and reproducibility? 

I think using this app has definitely improved my research efficiency and reproducibility. I am able to make notes in real time – notes about anything, no matter how small – and this has led to better results and easier reproducibility.

In your opinion, how will a voice-powered product like LabTwin change the industry in the long run?

1) It will reduce protocol errors. 

2) It will improve the quality of lab notes.

3) It will help researchers focus more on the experiment and less on making sure they are able to document all the data after the experiment.

4) It will encourage researchers to do better and be more innovative.

5) It will prevent spillage and spoilage of paper notebooks.

6) It will save a lot of paper and that's good for the environment


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