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LabTwin Helps Power Covestro’s Digital Innovation Program

LabTwin Team
LabTwin Team February 8, 2021

Covestro, a leading polymer materials company, and LabTwin have joined forces to tackle documentation and reproducibility challenges within materials science laboratories. Covestro chose LabTwin’s voice-activated digital lab assistant to add to their strategic digitalization program.

The new solution supports scientists with their processes, automatically captures data from integrated lab instruments, tracks deviations and allows to recalculate recipes on-the-go. Researchers can record parameters with the digital lab assistant, take hands-free voice notes, make calculations, and set timers or reminders from anywhere in the lab. Data is time-stamped and uploaded to the lab database, saving time, reducing data entry errors and offering full traceability. Covestro researchers used LabTwin to capture data with high accuracy while reducing data re-entry and paper.


“LabTwin can be used as a completely hands-free solution for the PUR foaming process.“
“Data doesn’t need to be captured twice anymore.”


With LabTwin’s voice-activated digital lab assistant, Covestro scientists benefited from:

  • Highly accurate, automated time-stamping of essential data and metadata, exported in a table or spreadsheet format, automatically synced with the lab database.
  • Reduction in data transfer errors.
  • Efficiency gain through the reduction of data re-entry.
  • Fewer distractions, less contamination, and fewer errors in the polymer lab environment.
  • Improved datasets allowing scientists to easily track the source of deviations.

LabTwin allows Covestro scientists to capture and digitize data during experiments in polymer development. By minimizing manual data capture and re-entry, the digital lab assistant saves time and makes it easier for researchers to optimize processes while maintaining product quality. For the respective processes at Covestro, the time between data collection and digitization is now reduced to seconds. Real-time data capture makes experiments more reproducible by allowing quick and easy comparison of measurements. Furthermore, structured and clean data opens the opportunity to perform advanced analytics and virtual experiments.


“Five Stars – Easy and perfect!”
“Paper is old school. I will take speech control!”


Read here our joint press release.


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